About us

About us

“Our services help casinos reinforce growth, stay ahead of the competition, and create experiences that inspire success”

Our team members have experience in opening and operating casinos all over Latin America and the Caribbean, from the concept phase and feasibility studies to project management and the running of full-time operations. Not only are we multilingual but we also have experience with different cultures which provides us with invaluable insight when choosing the best approach for our client’s business needs. Commitment to excellence is one of our fundamental values and is the key to our success as a management team.

Andy Cosgrove is the founder of Hemingway Casino Consulting and a seasoned slot operations veteran and certified project manager and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt with over 25 years of hands on experience in Latin America and the Caribbean. Andy has worked in senior management positions on both the operator and supplier side and for companies that include the Hard Rock Casino brand. Andy is also a regular contributing writer for industry magazines.

Strategic Partners

Hemingway Casino Consulting works with many strategic partners from each key area of casino operations including surveillance, cage and table games management, so no matter what part of your operation you want to improve, we can help. We also work with some of the best suppliers of casino equipment that provide the equipment you need for your operation at the price that meets your budget.

“Worldwide-Casinojobs.com is a specialised casino executive search agency, dedicated to the gaming industry globally. With over 30 years extensive experience in the casino sector, let Worldwide-casinojobs.com be the first resource for your recruitment needs.”

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Reel Games was founded in 2001, as a service-oriented provider of slot-style gaming machines and is the official U.S. and Puerto Rico licensee of Euro Games Technology. Our reputation for attention to detail, insight into emerging gaming industry trends, and unparalleled quality quickly made us one of the major players in the field, a distinction we still enjoy today.

web page: www.reelgamesinc.com

IOT asset solutions powered by MyTag provides trusted proof of presence, proof of compliance and security solutions to safeguard people, property and assets. Straightforward and low cost to install, the technology saves time and money replacing outdated processes with trusted and secure cloud-based solutions.

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Maximum Game International is an elite casino operator and brokerage firm committed to the acquisition and launch of profitable Casino projects and has over 30 years of international casino experience and a successful track record of EBITDA and ROI. Maximum Game International shakes away any perceived dogma associated with the Casino industry and thrives on defeating challenges through innovation and tenacity.

web page: https://maximumgame.uk/


“I have known Andy for 12 years and have had the pleasure of working with him for about 4 years in Honduras and Nicaragua. During this time we built 2 casinos and acted as advisors on casino operations in Mexico. We purchase equipment needed for these casinos and we installed and operated the machines. Andy is one of the most honorable, professional and honest people that I have ever encountered, and his language skills and operational experience proved invaluable for the success of the operation. In my estimation Andy is capable in every phase of the gaming business and is, by all means, a man the gaming business needs, and with his experience, success is golden.”

Lane Fleischer – Former VP Sales – Bell Fruit Manufacturing Ltd. – Nottingham, England

“Andy is always professional and hardworking with a great positive attitude. Very knowledgeable about the industry and a true asset to any company.”

Helen Bowditch – VP International Development – Passport Technology Inc – London, England

“I’ve known and worked with Andy Cosgrove for many years, he is a great manager and an asset to a team.”  

Jess Chavez  – CEO Maximum Game International – Bournemouth, England

” I’ve worked with Andy Cosgrove for many years and he is an outstanding and result driven professional who always gets the job done on time and budget. Andy has assisted us with installations, service and consulting over the years. He is my go-to guy when I need gaming expertise.”

Sean Smith – Owner, Reel Games Inc – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

“During his time with Equus, Mr. Cosgrove performed his duties and represented the company in a very professional manner; he would be an asset to any organization.”

C.E. Malespin – CEO – Equus Hospitality – Wichita, Kansas. 

We look forward to helping you achieve the kind of success that you always knew was possible, and that transforms your customers into raving fans while leaving your competitors in a distant second place.

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