Customer Service

Customer Service

“The aim of our customer service training is to turn your staff into brand ambassadors and your customers into raving fans”

You and you patrons should never have to experience poor customer service especially when your moment of weakness can become your competitors’ leverage. Hemingway Casino Consulting can help identify you customer service challenges, retrain your staff, and ensure consistency. If you identify with any of the following, contact us today and gain the advantage:

Customers feel rejected, neglected and voiceless.

Your staff are disengaged and expectations are unclear.

Your brand’s value propsition isn’t being communicated with clarity.

Nobody is accoutable for CS standards.

Management is more intersted in product than customers.

How do you plan for excellence in customer service?

Without adequate customer service training, testing and evaluation techniques, consistency will remain a mystery and your competitors will steal your customers. Together we can create a customized plan that will provide your staff  with the knowledge and confidence to make every customer interaction a memorable one as follows:

Review your customer service delivery standards.

Develop customized training for each level of staff.

Introduce feedback as a part of ongoing learning and development.

Engage your staff in the message of your brand.

Establish ongoing evaluation techniques.

How will you know when excellence in customer service is your standard?

You may have a competitive product but without customer service, your competitor will have the upper hand. Hemingway Casino Consulting can help transform your operation from a customer service drop out show to a motivated team that achieves excellence and exceeds expectations. Here’s what your success might look like:

Inspired and engaged team.

Customers transformed into raving fans.

Feedback that inspires positive change.

Excellence becomes your standard.

Your boss is happy, and your competitors are amazed.

Why Hemingway Casino Consulting?

We have worked for some of the most globally recognized brands where excellence is the standard and the key to operational success.  Our aim is to make excellence a part of your brand commitment and a part of your passion.

1 – Contact us today and tell us about your customer service challenges.

2 – We’ll help you build your customer service enhancement plan.

3 –  Together we execute your plan and grow your business.


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