“Your Marketing Strategy can either make or break your casino so it’s important that you focus on your customers, and make every marketing campaign a successful one”

Your Competitors like it when you’re struggling to keep up, and marketing is one key area where they can really make you hurt. We can help your marketing campaigns become more effective and cost efficient. Contact us today if you identify with any, or all of the following common marketing challenges:

Promotions that have no appeal and add no value.

Poor planning results in low or negative ROI.

Low player acquisition and retention rates.

Ineffective analytical processes.

Inadequate social media coverage.

“Effective planning is an essential part of your marketing approach.”

We understand the frustrations that come with a poor marketing strategy and the inevitable drop in revenues that it can cause. Hemingway casino consulting can help re-energize your marketing approach and focus on adding value to every new customer interaction by developing a beneficial plan that might include the following:

Clarifying your goals and target audience

Development of a more attractive value proposition.

Planning consistent, and ongoing, campaigns and promotions.

Structuring an effective content delivery strategy.

Introduction of effective review and measurement techniques.

“Make the customer the hero behind your success”

Success isn’t easy to come by but together we can transform your marketing from the kind that struggles to keep up with the competition into a well planned, well executed and re-energized marketing powerhouse that makes enjoying the following benefits of successful marketing a part of your daily routine:

Higher player acquisition and retention rates.

Promotions and amenities your customers get excited about.

More repeat visits and greater brand awareness.

Consistent increase in revenues.

More time to celebrate your success.

“How do you shift your marketing engine into top gear?”

You want your marketing investment to yield maximum benefits and, much to the disappointment of your competitors, we can help.

Contact us today and let us know your marketing pain points.

Together we revamp your marketing approach.

We execute the plan and celebrate your success.


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