Technical Services

Technical Services

We know what it feels like to have slot machines switched off and no parts to fix them. We’re here to help decrease your machine downtime and stimulate an upsurge in the amount of times you hear “thank you”.

Your customer’s shouldn’t need to be made feel the very avoidable level of frustration that comes when their favorite slot machines are not working properly or, even worse, left constantly switched off. As any slot tech manager will tell you, it’s not a fun experience, especially when you add an insistent boss that demands instant results to the equation. Below is a list of common technical issues that you really want to steer clear of in order to avoid a technical disaster:

Machines not working properly or not at all.

No spare parts to fix the machines.

No preventive maintenance programme.

Poor technical competance levels.

Zero accountability.

How can we help improve your technical proficiency?

Our services aim to reduce your machine downtime and increase the amount of time you have to focus on other customer priorities. With over 25 years of technical experience we know the value of time and will provide the know-how to enhance your productivity. Below is a summary of our main technical services (that your competitors may already know about!):

Technical processes and controls.

Installation, configuration and testing of your slot machines and related equipment.

Training, engagement, and motivation of your tech and floor staff.

Planning, design and development of your gaming floor.

ICMP and SOP development, training and implementation.

“Technical profeciency is an essential part of your success.”

We can show you how to make your slot machines work for you and for your customers by providing you with the necessary tools and confidence to compete at the highest level. Contact us today and let us help you transform your slots department into a proficient technical powerhouse where the following aspects of a successful operation become part of your daily modus operandi.

Less machine downtime.

Increase in slots revenues.

Increase in customer satisfaction.

Higher level of technically proficient staff.

More time for learning and development and enjoying your success.

What steps can you take to avoid a technical melt down?

1 – Contact us today and tell us about your technical concerns.

2 – We work together to build your customized action plan.

3 –  Together we execute your plan and achieve technical success.


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